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Working with conflicts – Improve (private and work) relationships

A structured method in small steps to address and resolve conflicts using chairs.

As a coach or mediator it is sometimes difficult to work with people in conflict. With the small steps model SA-OS you will increasingly enjoy working with conflicts. For couples results lead to improved relationships. In work situations results lead to improved workflow, enhanced creativity, inspiration, joy and increased profits.

Participants will be alternating an observing position, while the other party is working. It will become clear how participants see each other and what really belongs to themselves and what belongs to the other. In short: fantasies about who the other is, are dismantled and steered in a positive direction.

General information for a series of 4 meetings:

Dates in 2022: Tuesdays – February 8, 15, 22 and March 1. Time: 3-7 pm CET.
Please indicate your interest by letting us know:
Trainers: Ina Hogenboom (Coach, Trainer), Hannah Salomé (Coach, Trainer and Mediator) and Jacomien Ilbrink (Coach and Trainer).

Conflict in motion

Training: Simultaneous Action-Observer Strategy (SA-OS). Working in direct dialogue to find new answers in (conflicting) relationships.

SA-OS, a structured way of improving relationships. A method to bring clarity in the chaos and complexity of a conflict. Those involved will gain a better understanding of themselves and the other person, leading up to finding new ways of interacting with each other. The background of this method is the principle of thesis-antithesis-synthesis (Hegel). This dialogue happens within the individual as well as in the relationship. The SA-OS method helps people to widen their perspective, and increases understanding and appreciation between people.

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Meeting in mutual understanding – Hannah Salome

Meeting in mutual understanding

On my walks, I regularly meet a variety of people. I stop and chat. These conversations are about the weather, the dog, how nice it is to walk, corona and other things happening in the area. These encounters can be short or long and really are a moment of brief contact. It's kind of like "who am I" and "who are you"?

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Conflict: start or avoid the conflict? – Jacomien Ilbrink

Conflict: start or avoid the conflict?

Usually I avoid  a conflict and avoid to say directly when I am angry or upset. However, sometimes I feel that it is necessary to express myself  and that gives me the courage to start the conversation.

The occasion
For example, I have a frightened, traumatized dog from Romania, fortunately she is doing very well. She is doing great and I am very proud of her. We live one block away from a forest with a great area where she can run free.  Unfortunately to get there, I have to cross a busy road that lies in a slight curve. The house on the corner is being renovated, so very often there is a van on the driveway.  It is not possible to see the traffic on the road as a pedestrian: the vans completely block the view.  If my husband comes along, he stands a little more to the front to see what's coming. When I'm alone, that doesn't work, because I can't stand partly on the road to watch, because my little dog will freeze or want to flee and I can't go back. This forces me to stay on the sidewalk and I can't cross the road.

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Seminar – Resolving conflicts – Improving mutual understanding

Working with two protagonists (in conflict or looking for improved collaboration). A structured method to address and resolve conflicts with the help of chairs.
As a therapist / mediator it is sometimes challenging to work with people in conflict. With the SA-OS model you can achieve results, deepen connections and enjoy working with conflicts.

General information for a series of 4 meetings:
Dates in 2021: Nov 5, 12, 19, 26 from 11.00 -16.30 CET (Central European Time).
Prices: Band A – € 475 / Band B – € 404 / Band C – € 309 / Band D – € 238
List of Band countries

Trainers: Ina Hogenboom (TEP), Hannah Salomé (TEP) and Jacomien Ilbrink (CP, PAT).

We want to reach out to people living in lower income countries. Therefore we work with Band countries. However, if you are living in a country that is not a Band A country special conditions might apply. Should your income be higher than the average inhabitants of the country, please pay Band A. Please indicate the Band country that applies for you.