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Working with conflicts – Improve (private and work) relationships

A structured method in small steps to address and resolve conflicts using chairs. As a coach or mediator it is sometimes difficult to work with people in conflict. With the small steps model SA-OS you will increasingly enjoy working with conflicts. For couples results lead to improved relationships. In work situations results lead to improved […]

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Seminar – Resolving conflicts – Improving mutual understanding

Working with two protagonists (in conflict or looking for improved collaboration). A structured method to address and resolve conflicts with the help of chairs. As a therapist / mediator it is sometimes challenging to work with people in conflict. With the SA-OS model you can achieve results, deepen connections and enjoy working with conflicts. General […]

Workshop PLAY – July 12

Play with Theater Online Working with multiple stage settings at the same time. You’ll become more experienced in working online with ZOOM, Psychodrama and Drama. Strengthen your professionalism in working online by participating in this training workshop. A collaboration of Hannah Salomé, Ina Hogenboom and Jacomien Ilbrink: contact-oriented work with more movement in the game, […]

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